Tips for Beard and Moustache Care – 6

Homemade soap

~ Beauty care is not only for women – it is important for men too ~

Organic Care for Your Beard and Moustache

If you are going to invest into quality men’s beard and moustache products, do your research. Skin and hair will absorb anything that is put onto it. This means that if your skin, beard and moustache products contain harmful chemicals and toxins, your skin and hair will absorb them. So you want to choose carefully.

By rule of thumb steer clear from anything industrial made. Industrial products are full of:

  • artificial foaming agents,
  • fragrance oils,
  • industrial preservatives
  • industrial surfactants

These make industrial products cheaper but they also make them bad for your skin and hair. Harsh industrial foaming agents, SLS, SLES, ASL and ASEL, make nice suds but they also overstrip the skin, hair, bead and moustache from the natural oils necessary to maintain healthy balance. Heavy fragrance oils that enhance product scent cause irritation, chapping and they smell cheap. Industrial preservatives such as parabens, can interfere with organ and reproductive functions. And finally industrial surfactants that help products absorb into skin, are a known eye, skin, nose, and throat irritants.

This is why, whenever possible, try to go with natural or organic products to care for your skin, beard and moustache. They are safer as they are made with:

  • natural/ organic mild low-foaming agents,
  • organic essential oils,
  • organic preservatives
  • natural/organic surfactants

Quality organic products contain 95% – 100% organic certified ingredients. They do not contain any artificial foaming agents, do not contain fragrance oils, do not contain industrial preservatives and do not contain industrial surfactants. Instead they have natural and organic foaming, scent, preservative and surfactant alternatives that are mild and are skin, hair and are body friendly. Natural and organic foaming agents sourced from plants, they are mild, low foaming, effectively clean skin, beard and moustache without risking your health. Organic essential oils in small doses are proven beneficial to skin, beard and moustache and which leave behind a natural, clean plant scent. Organic preservatives are a combination of organic essential and organic carrier oils that have natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, such are rosemary and grapefruit. Natural and organic surfactants are natural and wild-crafted alternatives derived from organic certified carrier oils and butters that are mild and non-irritating. Yes organic products may cost more but they are safer, milder and designed for conscientious user that has health and quality in mind.

For consumer the best advice is – research the product, check ingredients and ask your manufacturer for assurance that what they are using is indeed organic and natural.

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