Tips for Beard and Moustache Care – 1

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~ Beauty care is not only for women – it is important for men too ~

Men’s style is mostly established by the type and care of their beard and moustache. It is a common belief that that to properly care for beard and moustache shaving and trimming regularly is enough – but that is a wrong. There is more men can do to bring their beard and moustache in top condition. The approach that works the best is to invest the same care in beard and moustache as you would to your hair. That means regular conditioning, washing and styling with the right products. To get right results you have use the best products.


Beard and moustache is a hair and it has to be washed regularly like hair. Residue leaving soaps are not recommended for washing your beard and moustache, as they cause dandruff and dry skin problems. It is best to avoid largely available industrial care all products and invest a bit into organic products geared toward beard and moustache. Look for wording organic soap for beard and moustache then check ingredients to make sure they are organic.  If you already have dandruff issue we also recommend you use shampoo against dandruff.  Application of washing product varies a bit from that of regular hair. After applying soap or shampoo to wet beard and moustache, you must wait a while before rinsing. Rinsing is very important and must be thorough. If not rinsed well it can lead to or aggravate the dandruff problem. Pat dry and you are ready for the next steps in beard and moustache care – the conditioning and styling. We will explore this in the next articles so please check back often.

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